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Muslim in Vietnam

Islam in Vietnam is primarily the religion of the Cham people, a minority ethnic group related to Malays; however, roughly one-third of the Muslims in Vietnam are of other ethnic groups. There is also a community describing themselves of mixed ethnic origins (Cham, Khmer, Malay, Minang, Viet, Chinese and Arab), who practice Islam and are also known as Cham, or Cham Muslims, around the region of Chau Doc in the Southwest.

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Ho Chi Minh City Halal Food - Halal Restaurants Saigon

Halal Restaurants in Saigon

In the last couple years, there has been an increase of Halal restaurants in Saigon based on Indian and Malaysian cuisines. In Saigon, you can tell if a restaurant is Halal or not by seeing if they are certified.  All the restaurants should have a Halal Certificate near the entrance of their restaurant where their business license should be located. Below is a short list of halal restaurants in Saigon which will be useful information for Muslim Tourists to Vietnam.

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Halal Restaurants in Danang

If you’re looking for halal food in Danang, Vietnam, you’ve come to the right guide. Its specialties are well-known around the world. When it comes to cuisine, however, the majority of Muslim travelers have issues when visiting this country. It would be a waste of time to search around the city for a halal restaurant. So, where in Danang can you find the best halal food? Please Vietnam Muslim Tours recommend some of the best eateries in this city, both for locals and guests from around the world.

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Sapa Halal Food - Halal Restaurants in Sapa

Halal Restaurants in Sapa

Are you looking for Halal restaurants in Sapa, Vietnam? Sapa is one of the major tourist attractions in the north of Vietnam. Visiting Sapa, it means you are going on the journey to explore the wonderlands or simply wandering around the mysterious and far away villages of this beautiful town. After a couple of hours trekking and discovering this mountainous area, it would be wonderful to fill up your tummy with delicious Sapa Vietnam halal food. So, we would like to delight your trip with a list of the best Halal restaurants in Sapa Vietnam. Let’s check it out.

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